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Loyalhanna United Soccer

Code of Conduct

Player's Code

  • I will attend each practice and game if physically able to do so.  I will go even if unable to play so that I may learn through observation and to demonstrate my support of the team.  I will be on time.

  • I will bring a ball, water/sports drink and training shirt to practice

  • I will bring water/sports drink, main uniform and alternate uniform to all games

  • I will be a good teammate. I will not direct negative comments to other players. I will help other players learn by being well behaved and by not being disruptive during practices and games

  • I will listen to and obey the coach at all times.   I will always do my best.  I will not let myself, teammates, or my coach down by a lack of effort

  • I will not speak to the referees or linesmen before, during or after a game.  I will show respect for their decisions by prompt compliance with their requests.

  • I will control myself on the field even during adverse conditions.  I will not get into arguments or fights with opponents because I realize that by doing so, I'm hurting my team.

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Parent's Code

  • I believe that participation in team sports is an important aspect of my child's development and will conduct myself so as to enhance the positive aspect of this experience for my child.

  • I will not second guess the coaching staff. I recognize that negative remarks can be extremely disruptive to the staff, players, and other parents.  If I have concerns about specific situations, I will seek redress in a mature fashion through private discussion with the coaching staff, and/or the program administrators.

  • I will support the team whenever possible through my attendance at all games.

  • I will encourage my child to learn the positive lessons of team sports by stressing his/her compliance with the Player's Code of Conduct.  I will not take my child out of games or practices unless it is a dire emergency.

  • I will conduct myself in a positive manner at all games.   I will not address remarks of any kind to the referees or opposing team.  I will not coach from the sideline. I will confine my comments to encouragement of our players.

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