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Loyalhanna United Soccer Philosophy

Coaches Goals

  • Develop in players a love, good attitude and enjoyment of the game of soccer

  • Develop players with a sense of teamwork and cooperative spirit

  • Develop individual soccer skills to their full potential for each player

  • Develop tactical ability and game sense to each player's full potential

  • Develop good sportsmanship in each player

  • Combine the individual players to form a well functioning and successful team.

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Coaches Request of Parents

  • Support the team with positive cheering and comments

  • Refrain from calling out players names during game play.   Coaches need to be able to call out the players names and be able to get their attention.  Coaches can not compete with parents

  • Please take time after the game to point out the positives to your child.  Any negative issues will be handled by the coaching staff in a positive manner

  • Support the coaching staff in their efforts to improve the playing ability, team attitude, and good sportsmanship of the players

  • Have players at games 30 minutes prior to the start of the game

  • Have players at practice 10 minutes prior to the start of practice to allow them time to socialize, put on gear, and be ready to begin on-time.

  • Coaches are available for discussions with parents but not during practices or games.

  • Parents should remember to RELAX and ENJOY the EXPERIENCE!

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Loyalhanna United Soccer Club, Inc.
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